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            作者:admin   時間:2017-08-11

            A lot of customers that their sample is used for dry powder's particle size analyzer, sample liquid with wet particle size analyzer, which is actually not too accurate, following small series to introduce you to the choice of wet dry particle size analyzer.
            The sample is liquid before the test, and the wet particle sizer is correct. It is true that the dry test does not test the liquid sample.
            The sample is powder. What instrument is used? This choice is very tangled. Take emery as you say. You have no problem with dry test. You can test it with wet method, and the effect is better than dry process. Dry test of cement is fine. Wet test. You may doubt the accuracy of the data because the cement is hydrolyzed in water. I specifically told you that cement can be completely wet tested, except that the dispersing medium does not use water and must be tested with absolute ethanol. Some drugs can't find the right liquid dispersing medium, so they can only be tested in dry way. The sample you want to test is whether the wet test is good or the dry test is good. It is better to consult Nekt's technical staff and we will serve you with all our heart.